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We offer a wide variety of medical services including; urgent care, primary care, work related services, and non-surgical orthopedic care. Our clinical staff is composed of highly skilled physicians, physicians’ assistants, and family nurse practitioners. Our urgent care and work related services are available by simply walking into any of our three locations. If you would like to schedule an appointment with our primary care or non-surgical orthopedic care physicians, just open the corresponding tab below for more information! You can visit any of our three locations for all of your urgent care needs; including help with acute illnesses, minor injuries, and work-related medical services.

Urgent Care

Urgent care” is a non-emergency medical service, made available when an individual perceives an immediate need for treatment. Urgent Care facilities are often more appropriate and less expensive than going to a hospital emergency department for non-emergency treatment for injury and illness. Urgent care services include access to many services, including (but not limited to) laboratory testing, x-rays, sutures, and foreign body removal. If you would like to see a sample list of the services covered by urgent care, or learn more about our urgent care services in general, click here.

Work Related Services

Our professionals also treat work-related illnesses and injuries, and many employers turn to Family Medical Walk-In Clinics for pre-employment and HAZMAT physicals, as well as drug screenings. We are one of the only vendors of eScreen urine drug screens in our area. If you would like to see a sample list of work related services we offer, or learn more about a specific work related service, click here.

Primary Care

If you need continuing medical management of diabetes, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, or another condition, our doctors can be your doctors. If you would like to see a sample list of the services covered by primary care, click here.

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Call 417-890-5550 and ask to speak with Donna Gilmore.

Non-Surgical Orthopedic Care

Non-Surgical Orthopedic Care includes the splinting and casting of uncomplicated fractures as well as minor breaks. It also includes the treatment of repetitive motion injuries; such as bursitis and arthritis. If you would like to see a sample list of the services covered by our non-surgical orthopedic care physician, click here.

Need to Schedule an appointment?

Call 417-890-5550 and ask to speak with Stacy Gholz

icon-bandagesPayments We Accept

If you would like to see a sample list of the in-network insurance plans that we accept, just follow the corresponding link. While we file all claims with in-network and out-of-network plans, no insurance is actually required to receive treatment at our facility. In fact, we offer all inclusive office visits for everything done in house that day (including lacerations, x-rays, in-house labs, and much more) for a flat fee of $169 for uninsured patients! If you do not have insurance, or you have a high deductible policy, please look into our Affordable Care Solutions membership program. With this you will be able to receive all in-house services done that day for a flat fee of $35! If you would like to learn more about this program, just watch this informational video!

We file claims with all in-network/out-of-network insurance plans. For questions concerning your insurance coverage or plan please contact your insurance agency directly.

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We currently have three convenient urgent care locations; all three are located in Southwest Missouri (Springfield, Nixa, and Republic).

We strive to excel in customer service in order to give our patients the experience they expect and deserve from a medical walk-in facility. To learn more about the services we offer, just give us a call at 417-890-5550, or visit our service overview page!

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Republic, Missouri


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Here at Family Medical we firmly believe that healthcare is a service, so we strive to provide every patient with a memorable experience by exceeding their customer service expectations. If you would like to see what our patients have to say about us, just visit our Patient Testimonial Page!

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