Family Medical Walk-In Clinic – Springfield
Current walk-in wait time is min.
4049 S Campbell Ave.
Springfield, MO 65807

Family Medical Walk-In Clinic – Nixa
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103 N Old Wilderness Rd.
Nixa, MO 65714

Family Medical Walk-In Clinic – Republic
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281 US Highway 60 West
Republic, MO 65738

What is Affordable Care Solutions?

Affordable Care Solutions is a membership program created by Family Medical Walk-In Clinic in 2007 with the sole intent to help provide our neighbors with convenient and AFFORDABLE healthcare. Members are eligible for $35 visits for urgent care services! This $35 office visit includes many extras, such as (but not limited to); in-house lab work, x-rays, laceration repair, and much more at ALL of our locations!

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Are You?...
• Uninsured, Underinsured, or have a High Deductible Policy.
• Student no longer covered under your parents’ insurance.
• Self-employed and without health insurance.
• Starting a new job and waiting to qualify for benefits.
• Part-time or seasonal employees.
• Struggling to provide affordable healthcare for themselves and their family.
• Putting off medical care because of the cost.

Our Mission
Our Mission in the creation of this membership program was  to provide a way for our neighbors and their families, who otherwise couldn’t afford urgent care services, to have access to quality affordable health care whenever they perceive an immediate need for those services.  

Our Services
We offer a wide variety of medical services including; urgent care, work related services, and non-surgical orthopedic care. Click on a particular service for more information. 

Our Locations
We currently have three convenient urgent care locations. All three are located in Southwest Missouri (Springfield, Nixa, and Republic). Members can use their membership at ALL of our locations in SW Missouri.

Cost Of Membership
An individual would only pay modest monthly dues of $55 per person ($220 for a family of 4 or more) in which would give them access to $35 office visits that includes many extras, such as (but not limited to) in-house lab work, laceration repair, x-rays, and much more!

Individual and Family Memberships
Click HERE to learn more about our INDIVIDUAL and FAMILY membership.

Corporate Memberships
Click HERE to learn more about our CORPORATE membership.

Sign Up Today!
Becoming a member is fast and easy! You can sign up online by clicking here and completing the application form. If you would rather complete the application process in person, you can schedule an appointment with an ACS representative by completing the form below, or calling 417-890-5550 and asking to speak with Sarah Coffelt 

We love to hear what our patients have to say about us!

“The service that I have received has always been exceptional. I always recommend Family Medical Walk-In as an option to all of my friends who need cheap reliable coverage for most common ailments when insurance isn’t an option. Keep up the great work guys. Your truly are providing a service that helps the community”. -October 2015

Want to Schedule an Appointment? Have Questions about what Services are Covered for members? 

Just fill out the form below and we will be happy to assist you with your question! Don’t forget to watch our ACS video explaining the program itself! NOTE: Please allow 1-2 business days for one of our ACS representatives to get back with you.

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