DIGITAL X-RAYS – No Appointment Needed!

Why Digital X-Rays?

We use digital x-rays for several reasons:

•  Digital X-rays are faster than traditional x-rays, resulting in quicker visits for our patients.

•  More enhancement options mean that digital x-ray images are of consistently higher quality than traditional x-rays. This gives us the ability to zoom-in and analyze the x-ray completely before diagnosing.

•  Digital x-rays are less likely to be lost or misplaced because they are stored electronically and can be transferred quickly and easily to another medical facility at your request, making it more convenient for the patient. We even have the ability to make a digital copy for you to take home!

If you are a member of Walk-In Wellness, any x-ray you have done at our facility during your membership will also be included in your personal health record.

Missouri Locations

All of our locations in Southwest Missouri (Springfield, Nixa, and Republic) are equipped with state-of-the-art digital x-ray suites. Just walk in at your own convenience.

Cost of an X-Ray At Our Facility

If you would like to see a sample list of the in-network insurance plans that we accept, just follow the corresponding link.

However, no insurance is required to receive treatment at our facility; in fact x-rays are included with the $169 self-pay rate for our uninsured and out-of-network patients. If you are a member of Affordable Care Solutions, x-rays (when appropriate) are included with the $35 visit!