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Doctors & Providers

Qualified, Amazing, & Family-Oriented

Our clinical staff is composed of highly skilled and experienced Physicians, Physicians’ Assistants, and Family Nurse Practitioners. We currently have two Physicians having prior careers in; emergency medicine and nonsurgical orthopedic medicine. Here at Family Medical Walk-In Clinic we firmly believe that healthcare is a service, so we strive to provide every patient with a memorable experience by exceeding their customer service expectations! Every medical facility has qualified personnel, so why not go somewhere that you’re treated like family? It’s in our name!

Meet Our Physicians

Dr. Daniel Burke

27 years of service

Dr. James Shaeffer

16 years of service

Meet Our Physicians’ Assistants

Kevin Kelly, PA

16 years of service

Meet Our Family Nurse Practitioners

Jason Daniels, FNP

24 years of service

Jeanene Kennett, FNP

18 years of service

Laurie Miller, FNP

25 years of service

Sue Allan, FNP

2 years of service