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Membership Programs

Here at Family Medical we have established several membership programs with the sole intent to give our neighbors AFFORDABLE health care, as well as, providing them with the tools to live a happy/healthy lifestyle.

Affordable Care Solutions

The first program we began to offer, Affordable Care Solutions, was established in 2007, and since then we have had over 1,800 members! The main purpose of this membership program is to help our neighbors that are uninsured, under-insured, or that have a high deductible policy; so that they will have access to quality, affordable health care. When you become a member you can receive urgent care visits for only $42, this price includes any X-rays, lacerations, in-house labs, and anything else done in-house that day!

This program is available for individuals, families, and corporations!

Walk-In Wellness

Our other membership program that we offer is Walk-In Wellness. Walk-In Wellness was created in 2015, and we are excited for the opportunities it will bring to us, as well as the avenues it will open up for our members. Walk-In Wellness looks at wellness as one big map; the routes in which we explore focus on the creation of a personal health record, medical surveillance, fitness, and nutrition.  These avenues are to be used solely as a guide, more of a road map if you will.  Deciding which direction you want to go down is completely up to you.  We will provide you the atlas, you decide the direction.

This program is available for EVERYONE!

Membership Programs
Membership Programs