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Hearing Tests (Audiometry)

No Appointment Needed!

Where Do We Perform Hearing Exams?

We have a custom certified sound booth at our Springfield, Missouri location! Just walk in at your own convenience!

What Type of Hearing Exams Do We Offer?

Here at Family Medical we offer comprehensive automated and manual hearing exams which are conducted using a TreMetrics RA500 Audiometer.

The TreMetric RA500 performs baseline and non-baseline testing in our custom certified sound booths. This system can calculate normal or abnormal hearing loss with aging by evaluating current testing results against the results of a previous examination.

Importance Of Hearing Exams…

It is very important to monitor your hearing throughout your life. As it can fade slowly, it may be hard to tell if it has changed over time. That is why regular hearing tests are recommended. If you notice a sever change in your hearing it could be a sign of a more serious issue and should be addressed as soon as possible. This could prevent more serious symptoms from developing, or current symptoms from advancing any further.

If you are a member of Walk-In Wellness, any hearing exam you have performed at our facility during your membership will also be included in your personal health record.

If you are a member of Affordable Care Solutions, then you will pay a reduced rate for office visits and, when appropriate, you can receive a hearing exam at no additional charge!


Hearing Tests
Hearing Tests