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Drug Screening

No Appointment Necessary

All drugscreen must be checked in at 5pm each business day (Springfield)

What Type Of Drug Screens Do We Offer?

We offer the following types of drug screening services:

Where Can You Get a Drug Screen Performed?

We offer eScreen urine drug screens at all of our locations in Southwest Missouri (Springfield), just walk in at your own convenience!


We Screen for Three Adulterants:

  • Nitrate (to ensure that no foreign substances are present)
  • Creatin (to ensure that specimen has not been diluted)
  • PH (to ensure that the specimen is actually urine)

Our testing process is designed to minimize human interpretation of results. This process reduces an employer’s potential liability by eliminating false positives.

  • If the eScreen reader is unable to verify a negative result, the specimen is sent to the lab, and confirmed results are available within 24 to 48 hours. Sending a specimen to the lab does not imply a positive result.
  • Positive results are reviewed by Family Medical Walk-In Clinics’ Medical Review Officer. This review process takes legitimate explanations into account when evaluating a positive result.

All non-negative results are verified by lab confirmation and Medical Review Officer.

FAST Results

FAST Collection and Results Allow for: 

  • Same-day hiring of new employees
  • Employees to return to work more quickly after an injury or accident


  • Employers and administrators are alerted by e-mail when new results are available for review.
  • Other eScreen options include web-based reporting, automated voice response, AutoFax, and electronic data transfer.

DOT Urine Drug Screens (UDS)

We provide urine drug screen collection for the DOT NIDA 5-panel test. All collections are performed by certified collectors in compliance with The Department of Transportation 49 CFR Part 40 Requirements.

We also perform DOT vision tests and DOT physicals in accordance with DOT guidelines and using the DOT form.


While the drug-screening technology offered by Family Medical Walk-In Clinics gives rapid results, we do NOT utilize so-called “quick” tests (also known as “instant check” or “dip” tests). Because they do not include an adulteration panel, these methods make it possible for a donor to manipulate results by diluting a specimen.

Drug Screening
Drug Screening