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Pyshical Exams

No Appointment Needed

What Kind of Physical Exams Do We Perform?

We offer school, camp, sports, and wellness physicals; as well as a variety of work-related physicals…all with no appointment needed! These services are available at all of our locations in Southwest Missouri (Springfield), just walk in at your own convenience!

Work Related Physical Exams

We offer a wide variety of work related physical examinations, such as (but not limited to);

• Pre-Employment Physicals
Corporate/Individual Wellness Exams
Department Of Transportation Physicals
• Daycare Physicals (TB Skin Testing/Standard State of Missouri Form)
• Hazardous Material Physicals (HAZMAT, Meets Fire Department Requirements)
• Other examinations customized to meet your company’s specific needs

Department Of Transportation (DOT) Physicals

We perform DOT vision tests and DOT physicals in accordance with DOT guidelines and using the DOT form.

We can also provide DOT Urine Drug Screens (UDS) performed by certified collector in compliance with The Department of Transportation 49 CFR Part 40 Requirements.

School, Camp, and Sports Physicals

Pre-Participation physical exams are required in Missouri for students who want to participate in high school sports, as well as most physical activities. The specific guidelines for Missouri’s High School Activities Association can be found by following the corresponding link.

These exams consist of two individual assessments; the completion of a pre-participation form, and the physical exam itself. We provide the option to complete the pre-participation form before coming in.

Comprehensive Physical (Wellness) Examinations

We can provide a comprehensive general physical with labs, including chemistry, complete blood count, thyroid function with TSH, and a full lipid panel. Twelve-lead EKGs and digital x-rays are also available, if needed.

Members of Walk-In Wellness receive an extensive comprehensive wellness physical exam, completed with a one-on-one follow up visit with a physician, and our Walk-In Wellness coordinator. This program is available for corporate, as well as individual members.

Pyshical Exams
Pyshical Exams