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Eye Injury & Vision Screening Exams

What Kind of Vision Screening Exams Do We Offer?

We use an 2000 OPTEC Vision Tester to perform screening examinations tailored to your specific occupational needs. This allows us to test on any individual above the age of two. These vision screening exams include (but are not limited to):

Snellen Eye Chart with shallow depth of field


What Kind of Eye Injury Services Do We Perform?

We provide evaluation and management of eye illnesses and injury; such as (but not limited to): corneal abrasion, foreign body removal, splash injuries, and eye irrigation…all with no appointment needed!

Where Can You Have These Services Performed?

These services are available at all of our locations in Southwest Missouri (Springfield), just walk in at your own convenience!

Department Of Transportation (DOT) Vision Tests

We perform Department of Transportation (DOT) vision tests in accordance with the DOT guidelines while using the official DOT form, therefore our screenings meet DOT requirements.

We can also provide DOT Physicals as well as DOT Urine Drug Screens (UDS) performed by certified collector in compliance with The Department of Transportation 49 CFR Part 40 Requirements.


Members of Affordable Care Solutions pay a reduced rate for office visits and can receive a vision screening test (when appropriate) at no additional charge!

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Eye Injuries & Vision Screening Exams
Eye Injuries & Vision Screening Exams