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What Kind of Laboratory Test Do We Perform?

Here at Family Medical we provide a wide range of lab tests to evaluate our patients. A variety of these test are performed within our facilities, while the more complex labs are sent out to Quest Diagnostics for analysis.

Our in-house labs allow for quick and accurate test results to be available for our clinical staff almost immediately. This allows them to rapidly treat, diagnose, and determine if any other labs need to be ran to ensure they provide the best treatment available for the particular injury/illness. Our outside labs allow for detailed analysis, and confirmation of any test results which may have been questionable. This ensures that our patients, or employers, will receive the most accurate test results possible.

Test tubes closeup.medical glassware

These services are available at all of our locations in Southwest Missouri (Springfield, Nixa, and Republic), just walk in at your own convenience!
If you are a member of Affordable Care Solutions, all in-house labs are included with the $35 visit.

In-House Labs

We offer a wide variety of “In-house labs”, which are collected and interpreted within our facilities, *such as (but not limited to);

Breath Alcohol Test (BAT)

Rapid Strep Test

Rapid Flu Test (seasonal)

Rapid Hematocrit Screen

Rapid Mono Test

H. Pylori

Bacterial Vaginosis(BV)


Urinalysis (UTI Test)

Blood Sugar

Urine Pregnancy Test

*This DOES NOT include ALL of our in-house labs

Outside Labs

We offer a wide variety of “outside labs”; which are collected within our facility, however the samples are sent to Quest Diagnostics for analysis. These service include labs *such as (but not limited to);

Drug Screens

Urine Drug Screens

USD DOT 5 Panel

Complete Blood Count (CBC)

Pregnancy Test

Metabolic Panels (CMP)

Thyroid Panels (TSH)

Cholesterol Panels

STD Test

Pap Smear

Blood Culture

Routine Culture

Stool Culture

Throat/Nose Culture

Strep Culture

Urine Culture (UTI Test)

STD Culture

*This DOES NOT include ALL of our outside labs

Did You Know?

Members of Affordable Care Solutions pay a reduced rate for office visits that include most in-house laboratory tests at no additional charge!

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