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Walk-in Wellness

What Does Wellness Mean To you?

What Can Walk-In Wellness Do For You?

As life gets busy it is hard to monitor your health on a day to day basis. That is why we are here to help!  Walk-In Wellness was created by Family Medical Walk-In Clinic as a way to help individuals, as well as companies, put health prevention on the forefront of their agendas. We focus on long term health goals, in that overall wellness does not happen overnight!

How It Works…

First, we will have you undergo a comprehensive physical exam, which includes testing’s such as; vision exams, administered audiograms, and a variety of lab work (just to name a few).

Second, a physician and your wellness advisor will sit down with you and discuss your results from the comprehensive physical exam. Together we will map out a specific plan of action for your individual health and wellness goals. During this process your wellness advisor will be creating your very own personal health record.

Lastly, we will then assist you in your reaching your health and wellness goals by providing your exclusive referrals to local dietitians, personal trainers, as well as other specialists in the area.

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Walk-in Wellness